Threads India Limited

Shine Eco

Key Benefits

  • SHINE has a comparable shining to a Rayon Embroidery Thread.


  • It Offers High Tensile Strength And Enhanced Productivity Due To Low Breakages.


  • The Dye Fastness Rating Is Very Good.

Technical Specification


Ticket No Construction Avg. Strength (Kg) Article No.
120 115*2 1.15 6001
120 115*2 1.15 6003
120 115*2 1.15 6002

Also available in

Poly cotton
Shade Card

Shade Card

High Tenacity Polyester
Shade Card

Shade Card

Shade Card

Spun & Poly Poly
Shade Card

Spun & Poly Poly Master
Shade Card

Shade Card

IAFT 16949:2016

Oeko-tex - Polyester

Oeko-tex - Nylon

Satra Certificate

Lab Certification

Technician Certificate

Anti- Microbial

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