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LEAP 2013

LEAP 2013: Leadership which is Entrepreneurial Aggressive and Profitable-Annual Managers’ Meet

The conference LEAP was a five day event where first two days were dedicated for Frontend Reviews and last two days were for Backend Reviews where teams discussed the last year’s performance and their qualitative & quantitative plans for current year 2013-14 along with support needed for achieving the same.
4th evening there was ‘Night of Achievers’ where the performance par excellence were rewarded, there were pay for performance for the individuals who had achieved their targets set during last year, the depot awards for making sales and few awards were given to those for their contribution to the organization.
5th June was the day entirely dedicated to training and work shop. We had two training sessions being conducted simultaneously, one on Leadership and NLP by Mr.Ashok Thussu from Hero Mind Mine, Gurgaon and the other one by Dr.Dhruv Bhargava from Creative Learning, Jhansi on Team Building and Positive Attitude. Both the training sessions carried a lot of learning and take aways for the participants.
LEAP aims to mould the capabilities and skills of ‘individuals’ towards generating ‘Individual winning teams’. Moreover it also aims to identify ones’ own SMART goals so that we have a goal oriented performance.
The entire event had been a learning experience for all us where we came across with the vision of our management and also found the path through which we can set our own goals and achieve it. We also learnt that whatever work we do should be done with a positive “SAY YES” attitude