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LEAP 2014: Leadership which is Entrepreneurial, Aggressive and Profitable

Annual Managers’ Meet-LEAP 2014, which is scheduled to be held from 9th to the 14th of May, 2014 at Kanpur HO.

After the earlier two successful meets, we are proud to present the third one. We believe that this event is an excellent and exceptional opportunity which enables us to become more connected, synergized and motivated both in our professional as well as in personal life.

The meet would be offering participants the chance to interact, challenging them to take on new goals, moreover, imparting vision and inspiration to transform their ideas into actions.
The event will not only incorporate extensive discussions/reviews, but will also consist of additional workshops, guest speaker sessions, fun day and the most awaited PFP announcements and the GALA DINNER.

This would be an intellectually stimulating and enjoyable meet with an unparalleled and enriching experience.

Still our ultimate goal of LEAP remains same i.e Organisation of Leaders rather than LeaderLed Organisation and this time we shall take another step towards it’s achievement where every single person realises that ‘I can LEAP’