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LEAP 2014

LEAP 2014: Leadership which is Entrepreneurial Aggressive and Profitable-Annual Managers’ Meet

Annual Managers’ Meet-LEAP 2014, was held from 9th to the 14th of May, 2014 at Kanpur Plant.

After the earlier two successful meets, we had an eventful third meet. It was an excellent and exceptional opportunity which enabled us to become synergized and motivated towards our professional as well as personal goals.
The 6 days meet offered participants the chance to interact, take on new goals.The theme of LEAP was to BE HAPPY!! come what may! and this was propagated in all sessions and meetings.
First two days were devoted for Front End Review (9th and 10th May 2014)where as last two days (13th and 14th may 2014) were dedicated for Backend Reviews.One day in between was a training  day where we had two simultaneous programmes running on NLP and Leadership.One program was headed by Mr.Vijay Batra a well known trainer from Delhi whereas the other session was guided by Mr.Bipin Mayekar who is an NLP practioner from Mumbai.The idea of both sessions was to inculcate a self belief and team work among the participants.
The same day it was the much awaited Gala Dinner where there were PFP announcements as well as Vijay Laxmi award for depots.All this was complemented by music and dinner.
The other day was a FUN DAY which started with a motivating session from our Executive Director  with a video show of Mr.Sandeep Maheshwari-The Unstoppable and the learnings from it.The session was followed by shopping and gaming .
So all in all this was an intellectually stimulating and enjoyable meet with an unparalleled and enriching experience.
Still our ultimate goal of LEAP remains same i.e Organisation of Leaders rather than LeaderLed Organisation and this time we have taken another step towards it’s achievement where every single person will work towards creating a positive CULTURE in TIL.A culture of Happiness which is going to take our Organisation far ahead.