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Exhibition Review: ANPIC 2014

ANPIC National Association of suppliers of footwear

We have participated in ANPIC 2014 in edition, held in Poliforum Leon city of Mexico on 5th Nov to 7th Nov 2014.

Total No of Exhibitors is 872..

ANPIC 2014 is been a great success for us, we have received good no f inquiries from South America and North America.

ANPIC the Fair of America is an international event that features a wide variety of exhibits ranging from machinery, footwear, supplies and leather soliciting participation from 26 nations who display their products and services in the presence of an international clientele. Nearly 872 exhibitors participate in a fair which is counted amongst some of the largest and most comprehensive fairs held in Mexico and where designers showcase their collections to a niche set of fashionistas with the intention of generating higher sales leads and achieving greater sales volumes.