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Manufactured in India and exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide.
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We Specialise in..

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Copsing, Plying, Single Twisting, Double twisting, Cabling, Braiding.

Braids, with and without core yarn, Round and Flat at 4-8-16 ends.

We Expertise in..

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Heat-setting, Package Dyeing, Solution Dyeing, Bleaching, Automotive Dyes, Fluorescent and Multi-colour.

Precision Winding, Soft Winding: King Spools, Reels, Cones, Bobbins and Dyetubes.

We Engineer..

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Bonded, Water-Repellent, UV, Wax, Semi-Wax, Lubricate, Extra-Lubricate, Flame Retardant, Glazing, Steel Core, Anti-Static, Controlled Elongation, Anti Microbial.

We Manufacture..

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Specialised Threads
Nylon 6 & 66, Polyester SHTP Recycled Yarn, Spun, Core-Spun, Mono Filament, PTFE, Soft Seam, Para & Meta Aramid,

Twines, Braided threads, Reflective threads, UHMWPE, Water Soluble, LCP, Homopolymer PAN, Fibre Glass, PPS.
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Threads (India) Limited is a part of Lohia Group. Lohia Group is a well established industrial and manufacturing conglomerate, known all over the world, for their modern technical knowhow and quality products.


Explore Our Latest Collection

Pre-wound Bobbins

All machines have bobbin winders that wind the top-stitch thread thread onto bobbins. Unfortunately, you must stop sewing while you wind thread for bobbins. Prewound bobbins solve this problem by giving you thread that has been wound to fit your machine’s bobbin case. Instead of winding, you just slip a prewound bobbin into your machine’s bobbin case and go.

Available in Nylon, Polyester, Cocoon and Embroidery. Also available with water repellent, anti microbial, anti viral, anti static and with UV treatment.

Our Per Day Production

meters of twisting
meters of dyeing
meters of winding

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