Threads India Limited


Our Vision

Threads India recognizes that in order to succeed in today’s global marketplace, sustainability must be embedded in the way we do business. That’s why our vision is to integrate the environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability into our core business strategy, and to ensure that throughout our business we have a deep understanding of the megatrends that will affect our company, and society at large, for the next several decades. We also recognize that our response to these megatrends must be integrated into the fabric of our business’s processes, tools, and priorities 
Our vision and strategy for sustainability recognizes there are no simple solutions to address the environmental, social, and economic needs of society. We must reexamine our achievements and challenges on a regular basis. For this reason, we describe sustainability as a journey for our business that requires continuous learning, adaptation, and improvement of our basic business processes and our response to the priorities of our diverse stakeholders. We are working to optimize our impact, reevaluate our priorities, and ensure that we are viewing our core business strategy through the lens of sustainability. 

Innovations & Sustainable Solutions

At Threads India, we challenge ourselves to develop better ideas in everything we do from solutions that enable our customers – and in turn their customers – to meet their sustainability goals, such as higher crop yields, cleaner energy, and better healthcare solutions, to inspiring employees to create ‘Chemistry that Matters’. 
For Threads India, innovation involves developing technologies to improve the efficiency of manufacturing facilities, reducing costs and environmental impacts, and creating the products and solutions our customers need. This approach generates many avenues for growth. 
We incorporate sustainability into each step of our technological process from generating ideas to commercialization. By applying a methodology that promotes cost savings and breakthrough solutions, we create economic value across the value chain – all while ensuring we sustainably manage natural, social, and human capital for generations to come. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a successful global business, we understand that our actions and vision play a foundational role in ensuring the success of future generations. Progress requires that we invest in the regions and locations where we operate, building healthy, resilient communities. We provide financial and societal benefit to our communities through employment, direct and indirect economic stimulation from our business activities, as well as charitable giving and social responsibility initiatives.  

Our CSR strategy RAISE provides a framework and process that will guide, organize, and streamline corporate contributions and employee volunteerism. Our CSR initiatives are evaluated against the RAISE criteria:

R: Reputation – raises Threads India’s overall visibility and reflects positively on corporate identity 
A: Audience – addresses key community needs and engages key stakeholders 
I: Innovation – includes a novel approach or new technology that distinguishes Threads India’s leadership 
S: Strategy – complements business interests and aligns with company values 
E: Endurance – promotes a socially responsible culture and generates a positive and lasting impact 

Our Recycled Products

100% recycled trilobal polyester thread for machine embroidery.
Recycled premium spun polyester sewing thread that has been engineered for attractive seams across a wide range of fabrics and materials.
Recycled premium polyester corespun sewing thread that has been engineered for attractive seams across a wide range of fabrics and materials.
Micromolecular lubrication to ensure minimum wear and tear of machine parts & trouble free running of thread on machine.