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Kategorie: Zöpfe

Zircon Lubricated is High tenacity braided polyester thread with heavy waxing treatment that’s been designed for hand-sewing operations.
Zircon Lubricated is High Tenacity braided polyester thread for Machine stitch for sewing delicate leather goods, shoes soles, rands and jeans.
Nylon 6.6 Monocord with soft bond which helps in excellent performance in multidirectional sewing operations.
Polyester Reinforcement Braided Tapes are made from polyester yarn by Braided it on narrow fabric looms.
Polyester Reinforcement Woven Tapes Have Excellent Stitch Holding Properties And The Edges Of The Tape Will Not Fray If Exposed On Raw Edge Topline.
Poly cotton braids (Conch) is thick threads for heavy functional and decorative seams.